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Visitor’s pre-registration for the 11th Care & Rehabilitation Expo China will be open in May 2017. If you need to inquire about any information, please feel free to contact us.
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China’s Biggest Care & Rehabilitation Expo

Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018.10.11-13

Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (“CR Expo”) has been successfully held for 11 sessions. As the only fair of national level for disabled and elderly persons’ products and tools, as well as China’s Biggest Care & Rehabilitation Expo, CR Expo brings together the most advanced and most updated technologies, achievements and products from the rehabilitation, assistive device, elderly care and health industries, with an aim to build a multi-functional and all-dimensional platform for leading the future development of the industries.


Care & Rehabilitation Expo China (“CR Expo”) has been successfully held for 11 sessions. As the only fair of national level for disabled and elderly persons’ products and tools, as well as China’s Biggest Care & Rehabilitation Expo

Liu Qing

CMO of Changzhou Qianjiang Rehabilitation Corp., Limited

Comments from Exhibitors

"The scale of this Expo is enlarged, and the standard is improved to a higher level. There are more professional visitors from the Disabled Persons' Federations, medical, health care and rehabilitation institutions than previous years. This is my experience as an exhibitor for 10 years."

Lu Yanqing

Marketing Manager of Starkey Hearing Technologies(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Comments from Exhibitors

"As an internationally recognized audiphones brand, Starkey deems that China has a promising market. The Care & Rehabilitation Expo provides an important platform for the developing of Chinese market and brand promotion."

Zhao Jianrong

Deputy General Manager of Foshan Dongfang Medical Equipment Manufactory Ltd

Comments from Exhibitors

"As a time-honored company of assistive devices, we can promote our new products and latest development to our dealers and agents through the Expo so as to enhance our cooperation. We also meet many end users of our products. By face-to-face communication, we are able to improve our products to meet individual demands and create more comfortable experience. The exhibition result is quite satisfactory."

Tan Chaokang

General Manager of Beijing Guohongkang Medical Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd.

Comments from Exhibitors

"The Expo of this year is very popular. During the Expo, we meet numerous professional visitors from the Disabled Persons' Federations, civil affair administrations, medical, health care and rehabilitation institutions, and special education schools. Our products get good promotion and we've done really well."

Liang Wei,

Deputy Director of China Rehabilitation Research Center for Hearing and Speech Impairment

Comments from Exhibitors

"In the past, our products were mainly used by children, but with people aging, the potential market demand of the elderly people is huge. We exhibit our latest products and promote new rehabilitation idea. Also we have combined the power of government, industry, research and development institutions, and consumers, promoting greatly the development of the industry."

Thin Thin Htet

Ruiming tower Foundation Employee, Myanmar

Comments from overseas guests

“Many parts of this event are impressive. I feel glad to be able to learn various practices and experience of different countries. I hope to get more chances of exchanges in the future and I hope to see events like this come to Myanmar someday for better communication. ”

Rutairath Srichantamitra


Comments from overseas guests

“I work for the official organization for disabled people in Thailand. I come here mainly to learn the skills of organizing events and how to solve problems facing us together. I feel so glad to meet a lot of friends with whom I’ve been in touch via email. I want to thank China for its invitation. ”

Bjorn Lofstedt

CEO of Index Braille, Sweden

Comments from overseas guests

“Chinese enterprises are doing a very good job in wheelchairs and prosthetics, while there are few displays of assistive devices for the blind and the deaf. I believe that the exhibition can be improved by incorporating more aspects such as sign languages and guidance for the blind to better help the disabled.。”

Adian Vlad Chiotan

President of the National Authority for Persons with Disabilities, Romania

Comments from overseas guests

“I am impressed by the event for its large scale and level of profession. I’ve learned much about China’s achievements in work for the disabled persons. Romania likewise, provides support to the disabled by encouraging enterprises to recruit disabled persons via tax exemption and reduction policies to get more disabled people involved in the society.”

Massimo Cugusi

Sales Manager of Dialog, Germany

Comments from overseas guests

“China is a huge market of many opportunities. Organizing such an event provides international enterprises with a lot of valuable opportunities to develop assistive devices related to rehabilitation. Especially the way that forums are held together with the exhibition helps to combine scientific research, academics, authorities with corporations and enhance the influence of the conferences and the exhibition. I hope to see more well-renowned international corporations here, which will definitely make the event more international. ”

Nagase Osamu

Professor Nagase Osamu, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Comments from overseas guests

“I think the host is doing a great job by putting conference and forums together. I learned from the speeches of Chinese representatives that China is not only making progress domestically in the field of disabled persons’ welfare, it is also aiming at doing it in countries along the Belt and Road and has got support from them. I learnt about China’s initiative to develop industries concerning welfare of the disabled persons along Belt and Road, in aspects of assistive devices and rehabilitation, at the ASEM High-level Meeting on Disability. China Disabled Persons' Federation has been leading development in this field, and I hope to see it continuing lead the way forward. ”

Marine Malkhasyan

Employee at the United Nations Development Programme

Comments from overseas guests

“This is a great event. We’ve got a lot of information about products and services from the exhibitors of the expo. ”

Alvaro Rios Poveda

CEO of HAT, Mexico

Comments from overseas guests

“I attended this international conference for assistive devices. It is a great success in respect to the content, but my suggestion is to provide more language service and support to make it more international and influential. ”

Birgitta Langhammer

University of Oslo, Norway

Comments from overseas guests

“This is a wonderful conference with a number of important discussions and agenda. Personally, I am interested in aging issues and I hope to see more attention will be given to issues like this in future events. ”


Press Release2018/3/28 15:36:14

Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018 Press Conference Successfully Launched

On March 21, the Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018 Press Conference took place in Beijing. Present at the conference were colleagues from China Disabled Persons' Federation, China Assistive Devices and Technology Centre for Persons with Disabilities, Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation and Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd, together with representatives of embassies, consulates and commerce organization of countries and regions including Australia, Canada, Spain and Iceland. The conference had China Foundation for Disabled Persons, China Productivity Academy and Hongkong Elderly Commission as its supporting units.


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